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May 25, 2020

From time to time, we partner with brilliant organisations in Australia to run virtual workshops. These workshop help their members build the best referral networks for their businesses. We cover the best ways to:

  • Structure your referral network to help your business
  • Find the referral opportunities that exist everywhere
  • Partner with the best businesses
  • Identify and receive the maximum amount of referrals

These session are a mixture of information, tips and using tools. Expect to come out of this with a clear plan to create the best business network to help your business. Join the relevant meetup groups or request a session via email at workshoprequests@harveypence.com

Key resources:

Join the below networking groups and their referral networks:

To keep up to date about our next events and new tools, please:

As always, thanks so much for building the best referral network for your business with Harvey Pence and feel free to join us and/ or my referral network.

  • Guy is the co-founder of Harvey Pence.
    Harvey Pence helps businesses to grow faster with a referral network. Whether it be building your referral network, referring customers between businesses or evaluating the performance of your referral network, harveypence.com has you covered.

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