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Harvey Pence Update: March

March 31, 2020

We know this is a difficult time. Many of you have been busy adapting your business and helping others. We’ve been busy helping you save time and stay connected.

Since our launch in January, businesses from many industries have joined and hundreds of networks have been created. With each new industry and business, we get a fresh perspective on how we can improve Harvey Pence. Yesterday we launched our latest update with four great new features. You can now:

We believe that businesses thrive when they stay connected and work together. Let’s all focus on supporting our existing customers. Look out for your customers’ needs and refer them to someone who can help. Now, more than ever, we at Harvey Pence aim to help businesses be stronger together.  

You can read more about our new features below.

Inviting people to join your network is now even easier. Add your unique link to your email signature and email your business contacts inviting them to join your referral network. You can find your unique URL in the ‘My Information’ tab.

Send a Quick Referral easily from your dashboard. Just click on a business within your network and dispatch a fast referral in under 60 seconds. You’ll receive status updates and feedback once the referral is complete. No need to follow up or trawl through your emails.

Capture and view commission. We’ve made it easy for you to record commission paid or received for a referral and export this information to Excel. This was requested by business owners in some industries who have referral agreements where commission is paid.

Create a Business Profile. Login to make sure your info best represents your business. We’re giving you more information about your referral partners, including: an overview of their business, their google rating, the services they offer, contact details and the volume of referrals sent and received.

Help others build their referral network, forward on to them to join.

Harvey Pence helps businesses to grow faster with a referral network. The Harvey Pence Referral Platform and our Comprehensive Guide are the best resources to help you create, improve and grow your referral network.

  • Guy is the co-founder of Harvey Pence.
    Harvey Pence helps businesses to grow faster with a referral network. Whether it be building your referral network, referring customers between businesses or evaluating the performance of your referral network, harveypence.com has you covered.