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Harvey Pence Update: December

December 12, 2019March 31, 2020

We know it’s busy in the lead up to Christmas.

We’re also burning the midnight oil to launch and we’re sorry it’s taking a little longer. The extra time has allowed us to work closely with a few businesses to add crucial features. We’ll be launching to Australia shortly and then abroad in mid 2020.

It’s always great to finish the year off strongly and the festive season presents opportunities to connect with people. We therefore wanted to share some of our top tips to help you grow your referral network.

Our top tips for when you meet people:

  • • Get to know them and ask them questions about themselves. You’ll find that they will advocate you more if they like you.
  • • Ask what they do first, then explain your business using examples that relate to them. This will help them understand your business better.
  • • Help them understand the products or services you offer. If they understand, they can advocate. Maybe even offer a demonstration or have them around to your work.
  • • If they like your product or service, ask if they know others you can help.

The improved Harvey Pence Dashboard is complete. We’re giving you more to improve your referral network, with better alerts and easy access to the new My Data tab so you always know how your referral network is performing.

Harvey Pence Dashboard

The new Harvey Pence public website is live. It’s easier to navigate and much clearer about the benefits of a referral network to help your business grow and be more successful. This will help new referral partners get up to speed before they join your network.

Harvey Pence  Public Website

The expanded Comprehensive Guide to Referral Networks is available. We now cover topics including; where to find and how to approach new referral partners and where are the best places to meet your network.

We’ve created the My Data Tab, making it simple for you to view and export the details of your referrals. After talking with some larger firms and networking groups, we built the ability to download in .csv format to analyse your referrals.

Harvey Pence Referral Network My Data Tab

Help others build their referral network, forward on to them to join.

Harvey Pence helps businesses to grow faster with a referral network. The Harvey Pence Referral Platform and our Comprehensive Guide are the best resources to help you create, improve and grow your referral network.

  • Guy is the co-founder of Harvey Pence.
    Harvey Pence helps businesses to grow faster with a referral network. Whether it be building your referral network, referring customers between businesses or evaluating the performance of your referral network, harveypence.com has you covered.